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We have established a reputation for baking delicious, fresh, gluten free bread. Easy to digest, highly nutritious and rich in texture, our range is so tasty it has a wide following, including those outside the celiac community. Baked daily in a purpose built premise, all Precinct products are gluten free guaranteed.


Innovating Gluten Free

We have instilled a culture of innovation within Precinct, working with our customers to develop new and exciting breads and products. Regularly experimenting with new recipes, flours and different flavours, we craft breads filled with health benefits. It is this endeavour to constantly push the boundaries of gluten free bread that our customers love. Go on and try some yourself, you may be surprised how delicious gluten free bread can be.

Striving for Sustainability

Striving to reduce food waste we have been working hard to extend the shelf life of our bakery products. With the support of our packaging suppliers we are always looking to source sustainable packaging solutions for our future needs.


Australian Made

We are proudly 100% Australian made. Using Australian grown ingredients wherever possible, we work hand in hand with Australian farmers and millers to supply for our specific needs.

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